Quality strawberries year round

Multiple farms in chosen growing regions

It all begins with quality berry plants. We've discovered that first year growth consistently produces the best quality berries. So we always begin with new, first-year growth plants to ensure a crop of top-quality berries. By applying new farming techniques and establishing multiple farms in carefully chosen growing regions in the hill country, we've developed berry fields that will yield premium fresh fruit throughout the entire calendar year.

New Techniques in Berry Growing

Much of the success we have experienced can be attributed to our strong commitment to best agricultural practice. By investing in a broad range of farming techniques, we have defined the local Strawberry industry. Among our research programs are our plant breeding methods for disease-resistant nursery stock, soil analysis techniques and diligent quality control procedures. The results are plainly apparent. We have successfully adapted several patented berry varieties, each of which has produced a sweeter taste, richer colour, consistent shape and longer shelf life.

Applying Effective Integrated Pest Management Systems

Jagro employs effective pest control by utilizing the most advanced pest management techniques available. We have trained our Agronomists on the proper usage of fungicides while fostering the development of plants that are much more disease-resistant.

Adopting Proper Quality Assurance Methods

We are committed to delivering only premium quality berries. Therefore, every phase of our production and distribution process is closely monitored. Our highly trained field staff carefully supervises the picking process. They conduct routine checks to ensure the quality of each berry harvested. When the berries arrive at the Pack House, they are immediately chilled to remove damaging field heat. Once cooled, the berries are packed into punnets and are ready for marketing.

Our committed staff

To produce and deliver the highest quality product, we employ a very select group of Agronomists and Packers. Each of the staff, whether in the fields or the packing plant, is well acquainted with our techniques and follows a strict set of guidelines.